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By in swordpress on February 11, 2020
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5 Steps to Ghosting Your Valentine’s Date

Valentine’s Day rolls up this Sunday ,  yeah in your dreams !  . its friday but this is a good start to learn how to dodge that wonderful time of the year where the “man” in the relationship is forced to spend lots and lots of money on their significant other in the hopes of better-than-normal sexual rewards. Part of this ritual includes “the date” in which you are dragged out to some overpriced restaurant to sit there, stuff your face and stare at the person across the table, wondering what the hell you should talk about while the premier league is going on ! The Premier League Guys ! .If you happen to be on this “dating” scene and are worried it may go horribly wrong, then you are in luck! These 5 important tips will help ready you for the possibility of a shit show night that you need to escape from

1.) Creep, creep, creep:

The best possible way to deal with a disaster situation is prevention. Get on your date’s profiles; Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. Pour through their baggage and find what they probably won’t bring up over dinner. If you find that you valentine is just recently out on bail for the attempted murder of their ex, you should probably reconsider this plan.

Unless they’re bangin’ hot, of course. Life is an adventure, right?

2. Get the blueprints to the restaurant:



Does it sound like a bit much? Ok yea, a little. But these are easy-to-get public documents. If it ends up being a trainwreck, you should know where you can go to get the fuck out. If you go during a busy time in the evening and the front door is blocked by other poor saps who have been dragged out, you need options. Where is the back door to the alley? What if there is no back door? Where do the ventilation ducts go? You should have a picture of this on your phone so you can plot your escape on-the-go if need be.

3.) Keep the Oh Shit text ready:

This is a trick that has been used by the ladies for ages. Have your best bro/bitch on standby with the saddest story you’ve ever heard. “Hey…I’ve got bad news. Your mom is dead…” is a fair option. Really, if they know you well enough, they can come up with a perfectly sad reason that you need to leave immediately. It should be designed so that your sideshow date can’t possibly disagree with you leaving. So get creative, and have a subtle code-word to initiate the message. That way, when you show your phone to the person across the table who looks nothing like their profile pic, they can’t object.

4.) Establish a getaway vehicle nearby:  go to drop.com.ng for special drivers trained in this art

If you need to get out, you need to get gone fast. What if you manage to escape, but creepy-date follows you out the door? Are you gonna lead them back to your apartment? Your best bet is to have some kind of vehicle that you can “bang out” with. Possible options include a tricycle, scooter, rollerblades, or longboard. But if you have a car, that’s probably the better option.


It may be a bit of extra work to drive there ahead of time, park your car near the restaurant, and convince your date to meet you there instead of going together. But you’ll be hi-fiving yourself as you slam the driver-side door shut and hit the lock button.

The only better option is to have your friends nearby in a “kidnap” vehicle that can swing by, throw the door open and scoop you up. You don’t have to waste gas money, and there are no extra steps you need to do. Make sure you buy them a carton of beer  to show your appreciation. hero is cheap we dont need another hero but alomo will do the trick and its cheaper and faster

5.) Know how to properly “block and ban”:

So you got away. But the internet is a cruel bitch, and she can lead your date right back to you with enough time and research. If you do not successfully block them from social media, your phone and other forms of potential contact, then all of this was for naught. The next thing you know, they’ll be on your doorstep with 100 questions laced with drama-fueled rage, confusion and sadness. And remember, sadness is ugly.

All social media forms have some unnecessary process you must follow in order to remove a person. And it can be lengthy. So make sure you know the ins and outs to each one so that you can execute the “block and ban” maneuver on the ride away from crater that was your romantic evening.


Following these 5 steps should protect you from any hazards on your Valentine’s Day ventures. We hope you have a safe and fun evening doing whatever it is you consider “romantic”. Get that hott chick . Show that sexy guy that those 10 years of horseback riding lessons can be put to good use. Hopefully, it’s the time of your life. And if it happens to be a huge mistake… well… just make sure to leave us a thank you comment.   www.woo.i.ng

if all fails just say heck i just came back from China


heck who wants to hang out with freaking corona virus !

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